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City of RichmondFC13-0683060 Lawson Street
Richmond, Virginia
$5,000.00April 17, 20139:30 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #S000-1582-003
Accomack CountyFC13-01127362 Gail Lane
Melfa, Virginia
$15,000.00April 22, 201312:00 p.m.USDA
Tax Map #101001200001700
Accomack CountyFC13-01036485 Seaside Road
Belle Haven, Virginia
$10,000.00April 22, 201312:05 p.m.USDA
Tax Map #120A0A000000200
Accomack CountyFC13-04118440 Browne Avenue
Parksley, Virginia
$5,000.00April 22, 201312:15 p.m.BB&T
Tax Map #078A10100021600
Dinwiddie CountyFC13-06710712 Doyle Boulevard
McKenney, Virginia
$15,000.00April 25, 20139:15 a.m.EVB
Tax Map #80A2-1-J-8
Dinwiddie CountyFC13-06610716 Doyle Boulevard
McKenney, Virginia
$15,000.00April 25, 20139:20 a.m.EVB
Tax Map #80A2-1-J-9
City of ChesapeakeFC13-064122 Clover Drive
Chesapeake, Virginia
$6,000.00April 26, 20138:45 a.m.BB&T
Tax Mpa #0601002000170
City of NorfolkFC13-0317412 Doummar Drive
Norfolk, Virginia
$13,000.00April 26, 201311:00 a.m.BB&T
Tax Map #2025-1500
Surry CountyFC12-198Part of Tract A, Alliance Road
Surry, Virginia
$8,000.00April 26, 20131:00 p.m.BSV
Tax Map #28-22-E
City of HopewellFC13-0742001 Warren Avenue
Hopewell, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 20139:00 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #035-0267
City of PetersburgFC13-0741630 W. Clara Drive
Petersburg, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 201310:00 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #051150012
City of PetersburgFC13-074130 Gibbons Avenue
Petersburg, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 201310:05 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #004080007
City of PetersburgFC13-0741704 Darby Drive
Petersburg, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 201310:10 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #050110033
City of PetersburgFC13-0742926 W. Park Drive
Petersburg, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 201310:15 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #080050030
City of PetersburgFC13-074489 Terrace Avenue
Petersburg, Virginia
$2,500.00April 29, 201310:20 a.m.VCB
Tax Map #021140802
City of PetersburgFC13-0481109 Custer Street
Petersburg, Virginia
$6,000.00May 1, 20138:20 a.m.BSV
Tax Map #045240040
County of LouisaFC13-047451 May Lane
Louisa, Virginia
$6,000.00May 7, 20139:30 a.m.Lendmark
Tax Map #12-18-8
County of LancasterFC13-0595772 White Chapel Road
Lancaster, Virginia
$7,000.00May 7, 201312:30 p.m.USDA
Tax Map #19-29
County of GloucesterFC13-0617280 Stokes Drive
Hayes, Virginia
$15,000.00May 7, 20132:30 p.m.USDA
Tax Map #50F(2)-1
County of New KentFC13-044Lot 30, Section N, Phase II, Brickshire Subdivision, Kings Pond Drive
New Kent, VIrginia
$7,000.00May 7, 20133:45 p.m.BB&T
Tax Map #33B12-42N-30
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